Vey : I want to use this new juicer machine….

Salesman : Yes, Ma’am. First, you stand on the left side of the machine.

A. Let me tell you how to switch it on.
B. Could I possibly tell you?
C. Could you tell me how to operate it?
D. May I tell you?

2. Lidya : What are you doing?
Vera : ….

A. I will have to arrange the annual meeting.
B. I am checking my mails, and putting them in the agenda.
C. I have sent this insurance policy to a new client.
D. I met some clients this morning.

3. Visitor : Why is this place so messy?
Host : I’m sorry. …. But we’ll tidy it up as soon as possible.

A. The office boy didn’t come this week.
B. The receptionist will inform you later.
C. Can you help us clean it?
D. It’s not a problem, right?

4. Rama : Will Mr. Sartono give a speech in the opening ceremony?
Sinta : … because he is still in Sydney.

A. He’s one of board directors.
B. He should be there now.
C. He’ll come here on time.
D. He may not attend it.

5. Esti: I need to go to the post offie. …?
Dhena : Sure. The key is on my desk.

A. Can I use your car?
B. Do you mind going there alone?
C. Would you like to drive the bus?
D. May I have some paper?

6. Alice : What’s your brother’s activity during the weekend?
Elly : … . He’s fond of surfing.

A. He usually goes to the beach
B. He likes to stay at home.
C. He often hangs out with his friends.
D. He spends most of the time in the court.

7. Benny : We haven’t met for ages. …
Wardy : Well, I regret to say that I am unable to do it, next time maybe.

A. Could you invite me to your new house?
B. Let’s drop in here for a cup of coffee.
C. Why don’t you contact me?
D. I’ll introduce you to my wife.

8. Ina : Did you know that Izhar got an accident?
Ani : Oh, dear. … Is he okay? And what actually happened?
Ina : A car hit him.

A. He should go to the hospital.
B. That’s awful.
C. He deserved to get it.
D. Don’t worry.

9. Wisnu : How did you get to Surabaya?
Ujang : … It’s really fun and exciting trip.

A. I got on a train.
B. I stayed in the nearest hotel.
C. I drive through the cities.
D. I look for a bus.

10. Sri : What will happen if it rains?
Deny : Well, I think so we must be careful in driving the car.

A. The sky would be cloudy.
B. The plants will be wet.
C. The rain could be heavy.
D. The road will be slippery.

11. Stranger : I’ve spent almost half an hour to find the central post office. Can you show me where it is?
Martinus : Of course ….
Stranger : Thank you very much.

A. Find the post office, and you will see the tall building next to it.
B. Go across this street, the clinic is next to the post office.
C. Go along this street. It is next to Aman Bank.
D. Come to the town and I will show you the post office.

12. Guest : Excuse me, could you show me where the welcome drinks are?
Clerk : Sure, …. You can use the escalator.

A. Turn off the light and then put it down.
B. It’s on the second floor at the Singgasana Cafe.
C. Take a bus route number 16.
D. Keep walking two blocks.

13. Receptionist : Good morning, “Sederhana Restaurant”, can I help you?
Caller : Yes, ….
Receptionist : Certainly, sir.

A. Can I reserve two seats for the evening concert?
B. I’d like to book a ticket to Aceh.
C. I’d like to reserve a table for two.
D. May I book a single room for tomorrow?

14. Lhungga : I’m thinking about quitting my studies.
Bertha : Are you serious? What’s going on?
Lhungga : I need to help my family’s financial problem …

A. I’m bored with my bad scores.
B. I don’t want to work for a bigger company.
C. I’m thinking about getting myself a job.
D. I’m thinking about becoming a good student.

15. Chelsea : My pay-check comes every Wednesday. I want to open a bank account, but my car is still in the service station until next Tuesday.
Kimmi : Don’t worry, ….

A. I’ll find a registration card for you.
B. I’ll pick up your car tomorrow.
C. The bank will always waiting for you.
D. You can use my car.

16. Siti : This novel looks very interesting.
Septi : Yes, it’s very good. There are a lot of moral lesson in it. I have just read it.
Siti : ……………………………
Septi : Yes, of course, but note more than three days, I’m going to return it.

A. Do you think I could borrow it?
B. Will you buy the novel soon?
C. Could I buy novel?
D. Could you tell me about the lesson?

17. Bambang : I’m having a party on Friday ….
Sita : Well, thanks for inviting me, but I’m afraid I’m busy then.
Bambang : Oh, that’s too bad. Maybe some other time.

A. Could you drive me?
B. Can you come?
C. Would you invite me?
D. May I ask you about it?

18. Arya : How was your trip to Bandung?
Sandy : It’s nice. … it made two days too short to pass.

A. I really enjoyed being there.
B. I couldn’t see any places.
C. I’ll be there again tomorrow.
D. Bandung really makes everyone happy.

19. Resa : Sales, Dena Resa speaking.
Puji : May I speak to Thomas, please?
Resa : I’m sorry. His line is busy right now. …?
Puji : All right. Please tell him Puji called.

A. May I take a message?
B. Who’s speaking?
C. Could you wait for him?
D. Would you like to hold on?

20. Harry : Perhaps we could out for dinner. ….
Jenny : That’d be lovely. We’ve planned it several times ever since we moved here.

A. What about driving around in the village?
B. Why don’t we eat together at home?
C. Should we order the food now?
D. What about going to the office?

21. Tourist : Excuse me. Can you show me the place to buy merchandise?
Student : Well, the gift shop is over there at the corner of the street…… You’ll see it in front of the nursery school.

A. I’m sorry I don’t know.
B. It’s close in the afternoon.
C. There are two gift shops around here.
D. Just walk along this street for two blocks.

22. Anna : ……………….?
Gary : What’s wrong with it?
Anna : It’s hard to read the result.

A. Will you save this document?
B. Could you check the program?
C. Could you print this document again?
D. Can I help you, please?

23. Agus : What are you going to do after your graduate Tika?
Tika : ………………….
Agus : What will you take?
Tika : I think majoring in Mathematics.

A. I plan to go to college.
B. I’m working as a clerk.
C. I’ll try to find a job.
D. I’ll travel around the world.

24. Uncle : I didn’t see your mother. Where is she?
Nephew : She is in the kitchen. ………………..

A. She should have cooked lunch.
B. She used to order some fruits from that place.
C. She is preparing our meal.
D. She was busy helping after in the office.

25. Erik : You look exhausted. You need a break.
Trisno : ………………. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have many employees.

A. If I were you, I would talk to the manager.
B. I’ll get a job if I don’t do it.
C. If I were the manager, I would go for a vacation.
D. I’d do it if I weren’t too much work.

26. Ramli : I’ve just bought this mobile phone and I still don’t know how to use it. Who do you think can help me?
Kevin : ………… He works at a phone service center.

A. You must go to the shopping mall.
B. Sonny might be able to handle the problem.
C. Sonny can ask your help.
D. You should buy a new manual book.

27. Hasan : Excuse me, ……… on May 15th and 16th. Is it available?
Receptionist : I’m sorry, sir. I am afraid our hotel is fully booked at that time.

A. I’d like to reserve a room.
B. I need to order a birthday cake.
C. I need to confirm about my reservation.
D. I’d like to book a ticket.

28. Nurul : ……………
Dayat : Well, he usually drives, but today he is taking the bus.

A. When will Mr. John arrive?
B. How did Andi arrive at school?
C. What time does he leave today?
D. How does your father go to the office?



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